Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums Is Crucial for Your Eyes

What Do Your Teeth Have to Do with Your Eyes?

The health of your teeth and gums can affect your vision. We are am seeing this more and more in patients with varying eye conditions, (ocular lymphoma, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa to uveitis). Increasing numbers of patients are developing eye conditions that may result from tooth decay  and gum diseases.

It’s no coincidence that a patients vision starts to go around the same that the teeth start falling and/or become problematic.

The toxic effects of fungal and bacterial infections (from root canals) and other periodontal infections can often contribute to a deterioration of a patient’s vision as  microbes are neuro-toxic and can destroy healthy nerve tissue in the eyes

To solve dental problems and retain 20:20 vision for longer there are a number of cosmetic dentists that can help.

The very best are

  1. The Perfect Smile Studios (London and Hertfordshire)
  2. The Berkeley Clinic (Glasgow)
  3. http://www.londoncosmeticdentistry.co.uk/ (London)